YSIWSI - you say it, we spray it


You have a favourite token or a favourite crypto project? Then show your love with a custom made graffiti!

Send us a link or a picture of your idea while ordering and we will spray it exclusively for you

 One of our example projects.


Freshly painted interior walls can breathe new life into your office or home. Just think about how different your room will look with a simple colour change. Without making any major remodelling changes, wall painting is a quick and painless way to completely transform every room in your house.

If you have an ordinary wall on which you would like to have a custom masterpiece, contact us now and we will clarify the details.



We genuinely care about the environment and lasting quality. This is why for our graffiti, we use only carefully chosen materials, such as finest quality water based spray paint, having minimal impact on our ecosystem.


The price depends on the size and style of your unique graffiti. Contact us now (+43 660 8645844 or office@block42.tech) and we can talk about an individual price.